comic art by Kim Song-hwan

Kim Seong-hwan (also spelled as "Kim Song-hwan") was one of the main Korean press artists of his generation. He produced several comical adventure stories for children in the 1950s and 1960s. While still at school, his 'Meongteongkuri' (1949) already appeared in Yeonhab Sinmun magazine. 

Kim Seong-hwan remained active for various publications during the Korean war. Most notable was the creation of the 'Gobaou' ('Old Kobau') character in Dong-A Ilbo magazine in 1955. The adventures of this old man appeared during 50 years in 14,139 episodes, which makes the strip one of the longest running Korean comics. He is recognized as a pioneer in Korean newspaper cartooning, and was the first to create an enduring four-panel strip.

Kim Seong-hwan's provocative way of commenting on actuality often got him in trouble. For example when he drew prime-minister Jang Taek-sang bitten by a dog during a demonstration or when he ridiculed the government right after the coup of 16 May 1961. Other juvenile creations of Kim Seong-hwan are 'Socket', 'Keokuri' and 'Jangdari'.

Gobaou, by Kim Seong-hwan Gobaou, by Kim Seong-hwan

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