Dossier Smart by Bertus
Dossier Smart

Bertus Klaassen is a Dutch cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist and film producer, originally from Nijmegen. He is best-known for his "Spot the 10 differences" cartoons, which he made under the pen name Bertus between 1972 and 2018. He first made them on a weekly, and then on a daily base for local newspaper De Gelderlander, starting in 1972. His cartoons now appear in all the local papers of the Wegener group, and by 2005, he reached his 10,000th cartoon. Joker Feature Service from Roermond also distributes the cartoons to foreign publications.

De Onnozele Koper by Bertus Klaassen
De Onnozele Koper

Klaassen had his first job as a decorator at a V&D department store in 1958, and he sold his first drawings to De Friese Koerier. For 25 years, he had a daytime job as a drawing teacher, while making his cartoons on the side. He has additionally made a puzzle comic called 'Dossier Smart' for magazine Bingo!, illustrations for school and children's books, and some commercial comic strips for Swan Features Syndicate. De Gelderlander also published a multipanel cartoon by Bertus in the 1970s, called 'De onnozele koper'.

On 7 January 2018 Klaassen quit his '10 Verschillen' cartoons after 45 years of continuous production. 

10 Verschillen by Bertus
10 Verschillen

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