Knopp und Bobo, by Kurt Klamann 1955

Kurt Klamann was a painter and comics artist from the former DDR (German Democratic Republic), the part of Germany that was occupied by the communist regime of the Russians after World War II. He was born in Zwingst in 1907, and studied at the Art Academy in Berlin. After graduation, he got a job at publisher Ullstein und Mosse in Berlin. In the 1930s, he worked for the leftist press, and when the Nazi regime came to power, he was forbidden to continue his profession. He was drafted by the Navy in 1943, and returned to his house in Zingst after the War, in 1946.

Kurt Klamann devoted himself to painting, and contributed illustrations and comics to several magazines, such as Eulenspiegel, NBI and Frösi. In 1950, he published a book about his time at sea. He became famous for his paintings and illustrations, and even appeared on national television. He died in his hometown in 1984.

Knopp und Bobo, by Kurt Klamann 1955

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