comic art by Orla Klausen

Orla Klausen started working as a grammar school teacher in 1969, and at the same tim created several historical comics. In 1981-82, his trilogy 'Jens Longknife' ('Jens Langkniv') was published, and in 1983, the first part of his 'The Scavenger Girl' ('Rakkertøsen') appeared. 'The Scyldings' ('Skjoldungerne'), written by Per Sanderhage, based on an old Danish heroic myth, was published in 1983 as well. In 1988, the newspaper B.T. started running Klausen's 'The Rebel Chief' ('Gøngehøvdingen'), which lasted until 1993, and was published in five albums. 'The Greedy' ('De Begærlige') was another black and white historical comic set in the 1600s, and the first album saw print in 1994.

Jens Langniv, by Orla Klausen
Jens Langniv (1981-82)

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