Forbidden Worlds, by George Klein
The Magic Coin (Forbidden Worlds #2, 1951)

George Klein was an American comic book artist, mainly active as an inker. In the 1940s he was both penciler and inker for Timely Comics, working on 'Whizzer' in All Winners Comics, 'Miss America', 'Young Allies', 'Black Marvel', 'Black Widow' and 'The Challenger'. He was also active on movie tie-in funny animal titles like Paul Terry's 'Mighty Mouse' and Animated Funny Comic-Tunes.

After the War, he went to work for DC Comics, where he was an inker on the various 'Superman' related titles, mostly penciled by Curt Swan. He additionally did art on horror/suspense titles like Adventures into the Unknown, Forbidden Words and Out of the Night for the American Comics Group, as well as Marvel's Sports Action, Wild Western and Space Squadron.

At Marvel, Klein was Jack Kirby's inker on the earliest 'Fantastic Four' titles, as well as John Buscema's run on 'The Avengers' and Gene Colan's 'Daredevil'.

Black Marvel by George Klein
Black Marvel (Mystic Comics #8, March 1942)

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