Timon des Blés, by Élie Klimos

Élie Klimos was born in Beirut and studied architecture at a Lebanese university where he graduated in 1981. A couple of years earlier, Klimos had started out creating comics, such as 'Le Diable et sa Fortesse' (1974) and 'Saint-Paul' (1979). After his graduation, he continued his comic activities ('Zozo, le Magnifique', 'Barrage, de Delirium'), as well as a career in illustration. He specialized in illustrating fairy tales for children and his work was featured on television programs broadcast by Télé-Orient. However, his activities were often interrupted due to the civil war. In 1986, he was hired by the Compagnie Filmali to do various advertising assignments and animation projects.

In 1990 he moved to Quebec, where he worked for advertising agencies and the magazine Safarir. Two years later he took over the artwork of the series 'Timon des Blés' from Érik Arnoux at Glénat publishers. With the series' scriptwriter Daniel Bardet, he subsequently created 'Le Parfum des Cèdres', a saga about present-day Lebanon, in the Glénat collection Vécu in 1997. In 1998 he drew the first album in the police series 'Celadon Run', written by Érik Arnoux, for the same publisher's collection Bulle Noire.

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