Fiedelflier, by Ben van 't Klooster

Ben van 't Klooster was an employee of the famous Marten Toonder Studios. He was one of the key artists of the Amsterdam-based studios from the 1946 to 1966. He made two comics of his own, starting with 'Filo Fop', which was published in Tom Poes Weekblad in the late 1940s. The strip was continued in dailies and weeklies when the magazine folded. The manufacturer of the detergent Klok published one small book of the comic in the 1950s. His second comic was 'Fiedeflier'. This comic was distributed by a soap company through the Spar supermarkets.

Filo Fop, by Ben van 't Klooster

Van 't Klooster was one of the main artists for the 'Tom Poes' daily strip in the 1950's. He drew the strip throughout the decade together with his colleague Ben van Voorn, who drew the backgrounds. With Van 't Klooster's involvement, the strip's artwork focused on a more mature audience in the 1950s. In addition to 'Tom Poes', Van 't Klooster and Van Voorn also did most of the artwork for the 'Koning Hollewijn' strip in the 1950s. Ben van 't Klooster left the Toonder Studios in 1960 and became a drawing teacher.

Koning Hollewijn by Ben van 't Klooster
Koning Hollewijn - De Flutters, by Van 't Klooster & Van Voorn (1955)

He returned to the studios from 1962 to 1966. During this period, he worked on the weekly 'Tom Poes' comics for Donald Duck and Revue and he was also head of the art studio for a while. Ben van 't Klooster passed away in his sleep on 7 December 2005.

Tom Poes, by Ben van 't Klooster
Tom poes en de trouwe vierwielers (Donald Duck #22, 1966)

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