Knight Life by Keith Knight
'The Knight Life'.

Keith Knight was born and raised in the Boston area. After graduating from Salem State College with a degree in graphic design, Knight moved to San Francisco. There he discovered the world of underground cartooning and began to craft what would eventually grow into his autobiographical 'K Chronicles'. This weekly strip garnered praise from the likes of Garry Trudeau and Maya Angelou. It has appeared in publications like the San Francisco Examiner, and on the political blog DailyKos.

The K chronicles, by Keith Knight

Another feature by Knight, '(Th)ink' is published in print and on sites, mostly aimed at an African-American targets. His strip 'The Knight Life' is syndicated by Universal Media since 2008. Knight's work is also deals with serious subjects like political, social, and racial issues. In addition to drawing his regular features, Knight's work has appeared in magazines like MH-18, Cracked, Futures, Fabula and Pulse!. He also has two features in MAD Magazine, called 'Father O'Flannity's Hot Tub Confessions' and 'Bully Baby'.

Life's Little Victories, by Keith Knight

Three 'K Chronicles' comics were the basis of an award-winning live-action short film, 'Jetzt Kommt Ein Karton', in Germany. Knight's comic art has appeared in museums and galleries from San Francisco to Angoulême (France). In addition, Knight has also been active as a rapper and musician, performing with The Marginal Prophets. He has performed his comic strip slideshow at college campuses, comedy clubs, libraries, churches, art spaces and community centers.

K Chronicles by Keith Knight

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