Příchod bohů by Frantisek Kobik
Příchod bohů (ABC, 1974-75)

František Kobík was one of the most notable artists for the Czech children's magazine ABC from the mid-1970s through the 1980s. He graduated from the Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague in 1953 and began his career designing toy packages and illustrating science books. He made his first comic stories for Pionyrské noviny (Pioneer newspaper) with scriptwriter Joseph Starec in 1966, and joined ABC in 1972.

comic artwork by Frantisek Kobik of Czechoslowakia

Until 1989, he made many science fiction stories for the magazine with writers like Vaclav Sorel and Vlastislav Toman, including 'Vzpoura Mozku' ('Revolt of the Brains'), a story about a fatal future war between mankind and insurgent androids. Other serials include 'Kronik Strazeu', 'Galaxie' and 'Öperace Jericho'. Kobik left the field of comics when ABC turned to publishing only foreign material. A selection of his stories were later reprinted in Velká kniha komiksů. In the early 2000s, he was an artist for the children's magazine Čtyřlístek.

Vzpoura mozků by Frantisec Kobik
Vzpoura mozků (ABC, 1978-79)

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