Zoociety by Peter Koch
'Zoociety'. Translation: "Underestimate the danger of math..."  Hedgehog: "My computer doesn't work for four minutes an hour."  Lizard: "Hmm, let's calculate that!" Giraffe: "I hear you cost me billions!! You're fired!" Bird: "Those suicidal ASO's don't understand what they cost us!"

Peter Koch made his debut in the comic world when the free, bi-monthly, Dutch comic magazine ZozoLala published his strip 'Hersenschim' in 1981. After high school, he became a commercial designer, but in 1992, he made his comeback with 'Bakkerstraat 13' as well as some philosophical comics and 'Bob Beukenoot' for student magazine SUM.

Dijkman by Peter Koch
'Dijkman' (2006). Translation: "Google can't find you, dad. Are you sure you exist?!" Dad: "I have an egg-pod, so I exist. Don't I?"  Son: "Old idiot!"  (The cartoon is a pun on the word "ei" ("egg") and the similar sounding word "i" in iPod. 

In 1995, he joined Maaike Hartjes' comics studio De Zwarte Handel. He drew several comics for Incognito, and developed his own character, 'Dijkman'. He also drew for the children's magazine Ketchup, and is nowadays mainly active as a cartoonist and animator. He is a member of Stripstudio and regularly gives comics workshops with Floris Oudshoorn and Ben Westervoorde. He is also regularly present at companies and the government to make meeting reports in cartoon format.

His comic strip 'Zoociety' was published in newspaper De Pers from January 2011 until the paper's final issue in March 2012. Koch has been influenced by many different artists, but the three most important are Franquin, Peter van Straaten, and Charles Schulz.

Dijkman, by Peter Koch


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