Robinson #2, by Willi Kohlhoff

Willi Kohlhoff was a versatile German artist, best known for his comic versions of novels for the Gerstmeyer-Verlag. Early in his career, he made comic adaptations of 'Das Wrack des Piraten' and 'Nach dem Schiffbruch' by Friedrich Gerstäcker'. After having worked as an advertising artist and illustrator after World War II, he started working on the comic series based on Daniel Defoes' 'Robinson Crusoe', which became the biggest German comic series of the time (222 issues).

Cover, by Willi KohlhoffCover, by Willi Kohlhoff

Helmut Nickel took over from issue 22, but Kohlhoff continued drawing an occasional story. One can tell Kolhoff's stories apart from Nickel's stories through Kolhoff's use of black and white to create atmosphere. Kohlhoff was also more loyal to the original stories. Other creations by Kohlhoff were 'Texasreiter Hot Jerry', 'Wildtöter' and 'Tajo Tagori'. Kohlhoff left the comics field in 1955, when he began working as a crime scene sketcher for the Berlin police force. After his retirement, he made the illustrations for several issues of the fan pocket comic 'Jarro'.

Robinson #16, by Willi Kohlhoff

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