Koo Kojima

Koo Kojima (Kō Kojima)decided to become a mangaka at age 15. At the start of his career, he produced many cartoons, panels and etchings. His name became famous when he created adult comic strips, of which 'Sennin Buraku' ('Hermit Village') was the longest running. Starting in Weekly Asahi Geinō in 1956 and ending in 2006, it set the record for longest-running serialized comic by a single cartoonist. A late-night anime adaptation was made in 1963.

He won the Bungei Bunshuu Manga Award for his work 'Nihon no Kaachan' in 1968. The Kojima serial 'Hige to Boin', about a sake-brewing kappa, started in Big Comic Original in 1974, and also ran for decades. Other serials by Kojima were 'Miss Doron Ototo' and 'Kuroneko Don'. He has been a member of mangaka groups like Dokuritsu Mangaha (1949-1959), Japan Manga Artist Cooperative (from 1964) and Manga Shudan (from 1964). Kojima has also drawn many cartoons, illustrations for magazines and books, and made regular appearances on TV Tokyo in discussions about current events.

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