Luilekkerland, by Rie Kooyman (Hervormd Nederland, 1953)
Luilekkerland (Hervormd Nederland, 1953)

Rie Kooyman was born in Oudkarspel and studied at the School of Decorative Art in Haarlem and at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Amsterdam. She drew the comics 'Luilekkerland' and 'De Grote Reis' for weekly magazine Hervormd Nederland. For children's magazine Kris Kras she made several comics like 'Avontuur in het Oerwoud' (1959) and 'Reinaard de Vos' (1955-1956).

Hoki en Poki, by Rie Kooyman

Rie Kooyman was most famous for her strip 'Hoki en Poki', originally created for Kris Kras, later a newspaperstrip in De Volkskrant (1965-1968). The strain of making a daily strip eventually became too hard, and when she found out that her syndicate, Swan Features, tried to sell the strip behind her back, she fought to regain the copyright of 'Hoki en Poki'. She succeeded in 1969, and hasn't made any comics since.

Hoki en Poki, by Rie Kooyman

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