Lone Ranger by Ed Kressy
Lone Ranger (1939)

Ed Kressy was the first artist to draw the comic strip version of Fran Striker's 'Lone Ranger' in 1938-39. He was assisted by his studio colleagues Dick Sprang (pencils) and Norman Fallon (inks). Kressy was succeeded by Charles Flanders. Previously, he had drawn the 'Fact Finders' feature, and he had worked as an advertising artist.

He also did art for comic books, such as 'Power Nelson' for Feature Comics and 'K-7', 'The Scorpion' and 'Sky Wizard' for Hillman Periodicals. He additionally did lay-outs for Dick Sprang's run on 'Batman and Robin in Detective Comics (1943).

Lone Ranger by Ed Kressy

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