Kleiner Tod by Thomas Kriebaum
Kleiner Tod

Thomas Kriebaum is a comic book artist from Vienna. He has worked as an artist since 1992, and has published his mostly comical work in various Austrian newspapers and magazines, as well as the international comic magazines Stripburger and Strapazin. He regularly creates the comic strip 'Gustl' in the Viennese street newspaper since 1995, and between 1998 and 2003 he created the weekly comic 'Neues aus der Praxis' for Medical Tribune.

Gustl by Thomas Kriebaum

He worked with Harald Havas on the children's comic 'Unsere Klasse', that was published in Topic in 2005 and 2006. His first book, 'Life', was published by Luftschacht Verlag. He is best known for his pantomime comic 'Kleiner Tod', that has appeared in Mixer-Automaten and in book format. It was also published in English as 'Little Death'.

Unsere Klasse by Thomas Kriebaum
Unsere Klasse


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