Batman, by Andy Kubert
Batman (December 2006)

Andy Kubert graduated at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, the school founded by his father, Joe Kubert. He began his career at DC Comics, drawing 'Adam Strange' and 'Batman vs. Predator' and then became a leading artist at Marvel, mostly on the various 'X-Men' titles. Other credits include 'Sgt Rock', 'Doc Savage', 'Savage sword of Conan', 'Marvel 1602' and 'Kazar'.

Batman by Andy KubertBatman by Andy Kubert

Andy Kubert has also collaborated with his father, Joe Kubert, in producing the Correspondence Course book on penciling. He is Kubert's youngest son, and has an older brother, Adam Kubert who is also a comic artist. He was the regular penciller for Marvel's 'Captain America', before he signed a contract with DC Comics in 2005, where he draws 'Batman: Batman & Son'.

Kazar, by Andy Kubert

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