'The Life of Thomas A. Edison', from the Harrisburg Evening News (12 August 1927).

Frank Kuchenmeister was an early 20th-century American artist, about whom very little is known. His only known work is a 1927 biographical newspaper comic about famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison, which was distributed by King Features Syndicate. 

The Life of Thomas A. Edison
Remarkable about 'The Life of Thomas A. Edison' was that is appeared during Edison's lifetime, four years before the inventor's death. In an announcement, the Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, reported on 6 August 1927 that Edison - noted for his reticence - "at last consented to the publication of his life story." The picture story, written by Arthur J. Palmer and illustrated by Kuchenmeister, told Edison's life with "humor, adventure and scientific romance", as the article continued, since "his youthful experiments got him into trouble and earned him whipings."

'The Life of Thomas A. Edison' was first distributed to newspapers by King Features Syndicate from August through November 1927, with the byline reading "Authorized and endorsed by Mr. Edison." Some papers ran it as 'Story of Thomas Edison'. In 1928, King Features Syndicate released the story in book format. Newspapers continued to run the strip in the following years, for instance in 1931 in the Palm Beach Post. In October 1931, another Edison biography in comic strip format, drawn by Roland J. Scott, was syndicated by the Central Press Association under the title 'Edison, America's Wizard'.

'The Life of Thomas A. Edison', reprint from The Palm Beach Post, 24 December 1931.

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