'War and Peas' strip, drawn by Kunz.

Jonathan Kunz is a German comic artist from Saarbrücken, and a teacher in comic art at the Saar College of Fine Arts since 2013. Together with Elizabeth Pich, he makes the ongoing webcomic 'War and Peas' (2016), which is updated every Sunday.

War and Peas
Jonathan Kunz met Elizabeth Pich met at art school, and began their collaboration in 2011 with the launch of their self-publishing label L.I.N.S. Edition, initially accompanied by Christian Bart. On the label's website, they posted silly doodles and nonsensical comics, which they eventually turned into a weekly comic strip, largely under the guidance of Barbara Yelin. They gave it the title 'L.I.N.S.', and limited themselves to the four-panel format. The strips give a funny look at different types of situations, mostly dealing with unfulfilled desires, and generally have a sad twist ending. The title was changed to 'War and Peas' in 2016.

'War and Peas' strip, drawn by Kunz.

The authors usually create the entire strip together, but they also alternate on the artwork on some occasions. Prints of the strip are for sale on their website. They both enjoy the work of fellow (webcomic) artists like Kate Beaton, Nicholas Gurewitch, Chris McCoy and Alex Norris. Jonathan Kunz posts his solo artworks on Instagram.


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