Kuvayi Milliye by Nuri Kurtcebe
Kuvayi Milliye

Nuri Kurtcebe is a prominent Turkish cartoonist and novelist, who was born in Muğla. He enrolled at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 1970 and was for many years a contributor to Girgir magazine. He worked under the guidance of grandmaster Oguz Aral, and is the creator of 'Gaddar Davut' (1971), a character from the Seljuq Empire.

Gaddar Davut by Nuri KurtcebeGaddar Davut by Nuri Kurtcebe

By 1985 he created the primitive hero 'Mokok' for a daily feature in the newspaper Hürriyet. He turned to drawing in a realistic style in a later stage of his career, like for the book he made with the famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet called 'Kuvayi Milliye' (2014).

Gaddar Davut by Nuri Kurtcebe

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