Comic art by Kussomoto
The Mark of the Master

Roberto Kussumoto is a Brazilian comic book artist, born in the state of São Paulo. His name is also written as "Roberto Kussomoto". He made his debut in 1978 in 'Spektro', published by Vecchi and edited by Ota, and he later worked with artist Sebastião Seabra for the men's magazine Personal by Grafipar, that consisted of mainly erotic short stories. For Editorial Abril, he has worked on local stories based on animation/anime series like 'She-Ra: Princess of Power' (with Luiz Aguiar), 'BraveStarr' and 'Operação Zillion' (with Ataide Braz and Jose Menezes) during the 1980s. He was also part of the art team of Studio Velpa, that produced comics based on Japanese live-action TV series for Editora EBAL, such as 'Jaspion' and 'Changeman'.

Jaspion by Robert Kussomoto

He is however mainly infamous for his explicit pornographic comics, that he made as "Kussomoto" during the 1990s. His comics 'Made in Japan' and 'Garota Tatuada' (also with Braz) were published in Brazil. Some of his works were also released in French adult comics collections , such as 'La Marquise Sadique' (Magic Strip, 1990), 'La Marque du Maître' (CAP, 1992) and 'Les 11001 Verges' (CAP, 1992, text by Passolini). Some of these works were also published in English and Dutch.

De Sadistische Markiezin by Kussomoto
De Sadistische Markiezin (Dutch edition)

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