8-man, by Jiro Kuwata

At the age of thirteen, Jiro Kutawa had his first comic strip 'Kaiko Seidan' published. Kutawa created a new strip at fifteen, called 'Daihikyo'. From then on he devoted himself entirely to comics, drawing 'Rocket Taro', 'Maboroshi Kozo' and 'Tantei Goro'. In 1958, Kuwata's created his greatest comic strip 'Gekko Kamen'. It was followed by '8-Man' and 'Android Pini' in 1960, 'Mao Danga' and 'Choken Leap' in 1965, 'The Time Tunnel' in 1967, and many others. In the 1980s, Jiro Kuwata had an epiphany and converted to buddhism. Since that time he has been doing religious comic books devoted to the life of Buddha.

8-man anime, by Jiro Kuwata

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