Comic Creator Konstantin Kuznjecov

Konstantin Kuznjecov

K. Kulidz, Steav Doop, Konstantin Koznecov

(3 May 1895 - 9 March 1980, Russia)   Russia

Konstantin  Kuznjecov

Kontes Margo by Konstantin Kuznjecov
Kontes Margo

Konstantin Kuznjecov had a full-time job painting advertisements. He also illustrated books, magazines and daily newspapers and drew caricatures. He was one of the most important artists during the Serbian Golden Age of comics, that flourished in Belgrade during the 1930s.

Kraljevic Mark, by Konstantin Kuznjecov
Kraljevic Mark

His first comic was 'Majka' ('Mother'), which started in installments on January 4, 1937. Before World War II, Kuznjecov published about 30 comics in magazines like Mika Miš and Politikin Zabavnik, including 'Kraljevic Marko', 'Hadzi Murat', 'Don Quxote' and 'The Magic Flute'.

1001 Nosht by Konstantin Kuznecov
1001 Nosht - Sindbad Moriaka (from Bulgarian publication)

Kuznjecov's most effective comics were his stories of mysticism like 'Grofica Margo' and 'Baron Vampir'. He also did caricatural stories like 'Boemi' ('Bohemians'). He sometimes signed his work with K. Kulidz or Steav Doop. His work was also printed in French magazines like Aventures, Le Journal de Toto and Gavroche. After the War, he retreated with German troops to Austria, then went to Germany and eventually settled in the USA. He died in Los Angeles in 1980s.

Grafinia Margo by Konstantin Kuznjecov
Grafinia Margo (from Bulgarian publication)

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