from Whoopee, by Mike Lacey (1976)

Mike Lacey is a productive artist whose work has appeared in nearly all Fleetway/IPC funnies since the 1970s. For many years, he drew 'X-Ray Specs' for Monster Fun and Buster (1975-2000). His many features for Whoopee! include 'Blinketty Blink', 'Bumpkin Billionaires' (1974-2000), 'Jimmy Fix-it', 'Chip', 'Kid's Court', and 'Scared Stiff-Sam'. For Whizzer and Chips, he made 'Boy Butler', 'Pete's Pocket', 'Phil Fitt', 'Sid's Snake' (1969-2000), 'Shiner' (1969-1976) and 'Slow Coach'.

X-Ray Specs, by Mike Lacey

He also made many features for Jackpot ('Cry Baby', 'Ritchie Wraggs', 'Snap Happy'), Shiver and Shake ('Match of the Week'), Monster Fun ('Art's Gallery'), Buster ('Nightmare on Erm Street', 'Strongarm'), Cor!! ('Wacky'), Cheeky ('Speed Squad'), Wow ('Ship-wreck School') and Knockout ('The Super Seven'). He eventually turned to commercial artwork. He is the son of artist Bill Lacey.

Shiner, by Mike Lacey

Scared-Stiff Sam, by Mike Lacey

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