Le Celeste Noire by Laci
Le Céleste Noir

Serbian comic artist Vladimir Krstic, who signs with Laci, studied graphic design and commenced his career working in advertising. He was art director for the publishing house Cradina and he published the western comic 'Billy Wanderer' in Yu Strip. He also worked on the series 'Black Rock' for the publisher Dnevneik.

He was introduced to the French market in 2008 with the fantasy comic 'Le Céleste Noir', written by Sylvain Cordurié and published by Delcourt. Laci and Cordurié then created 'Sherlock Holmes & Les Vampires de Londres' for Soleil Productions in 2010. Vladimir Krstic lives and works as a scenographer in Serbia.

Sherlock Holmes by Laci
Sherlock Holmes & Les Vampires de Londres

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