Skating Time by Frank Ladendorf
Skating Time (The Evening World, 9 January 1903)

Frank H. Ladendorf was one of the early American newspaper cartoonists and comic artists. He was born in Syracuse, New York, as the son of German emigrants. He worked in a machine shop in Chicago, but an injury on his hand forced him to quit. He tried his luck at cartooning, and sold his first work to the Chicago Mail and other local papers, like the Minnesota Evening Journal and the Chicago News.

Mischievous Willie by Frank Ladendorf
Mischievous Willie

He was a regular contributor to the New York World (owned by Joseph Pulitzer) from about 1895 until 1903. Among his many creations for the Sunday section of this paper include the Outcault-inspired 'Posey County' (1897-1898), 'Farmer Oatcake' (1897-1903), 'Mischievous Willie' (1899-1903) and 'Herr Toughluck' (1900-1901). By 1903 he left New York and returned to Syracuse.

Dotty Dimple's Doings, by Lads 1904

He continued to send comics to the World on a freelance base, and also worked for the McClure Syndicate, where he created 'Dotty Dimple's Doings' between September 1904 and 12 February 1905. He signed this strip "Lads". Until his retirement in 1927, he drew advertising cartoons as well as comics for magazines and trade publications.

Joys and Sorrows of Mister and Mrs. Newlywed by Frank Ladendorf
Joys and Sorrows of Mister and Mrs. Newlywed (NYW, 26 January 1903)

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