TMNT, by Peter Laird

Peter Laird was born in North Adams, Massachusetts in 1954. His interest in drawing was evident at an early age, but it wasn't until high school and the discovery of Jack Kirby's work on 'The New Gods', 'The Demon', and other titles, as well as 'Conan' by Barry Windsor-Smith, that drawing became a serious passion.

Graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a B.F.A. in Printmaking, Peter entered the professional world with a sincere desire to become a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. After five years of struggling to attain this goal with some small successes, Laird's life was transfigured by two significant events that occurred within a year of each other. First, he met Kevin Eastman, and then he met his future wife, Jeannine. These two events dovetailed serendipitously when Peter moved with Jeannine to Dover, New Hampshire, which happened to be a mere twenty miles away from Ogunquit, Maine, where Kevin was working at a lobster restaurant.

TMNT, by Peter LairdTMNT, by Peter Laird

After forming Mirage Studios in the summer of 1983, Peter and Kevin went on to create the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. Peter started working on a graphic novel serial with Jim Lawson entitled 'Planet Racers'. This futuristic series took a look at motorcycle racing across vast galaxies while a sentient computer plots to wreck havoc upon society. Laird currently provides editing and lettering services for TMNT Web Dude Dan Berger's comic, 'gutwallow: the gingerbread man'.

In the moments that aren't taken up by dealing with mutant reptiles, Peter enjoys seeking out interesting dinosaur toys (especially Triceratopses) and action figures, motorcycling with artist buds Jim and A.C. Farley, walking through the woods with Jeannine and the dogs, exploring the wonders of computer graphics... and drawing.

First Turtle sketch, by Peter Laird

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