from le Jeudi de la Jeunesse, by Lajarrige (1905)

Louis Lajarrige was a French illustrator, writer and animal painter. He is best known for his drawings of dogs and hunting scenes, and for the decorative paintings he made for castles in the Limousin and Sologne area. He was one of the main contributors to the magazine Le Jeudi de la Jeunesse of publisher Tallandier in the early 20th century. Just like other contributors, like John Drawer, Th. Barn, Motet and Thomen, La Jarrige drew in the typical "large heads" style that characterized the weekly. He was also present in the girls' magazines La Semaine de Suzette from 1913 and Lisette from 1921.

from le Jeudi de la Jeunesse, by Lajarrige (1905)

In 1921, he illustrated 'Becasses et Becassiers' by Benoist Georges. He was an artist and editor for the hunting annual L'Almanach du Chasseur and co-founder of the magazine Rustica. His name is mostly spelled Lajarrige, but also sometimes as La Jarrige. He regularly signed with LdJ. He lived in Paris, but was also regularly present at the family castle in Corrèze. He was also a judge during dog shows. His daughters Odette and Monique were also illustrators.

from le Jeudi de la Jeunesse, by Lajarrige (1905)

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