World's Finest, by Ken Landgraf
World's Finest #262

American comic book artist and heroic fantasy illustrator Kenneth Landgraf studied at the School of Visual Arts after his military service in Vietnam. He got a job assisting Howard Nostrand, Gil Kane and Rich Buckler on their work and eventually got a chance to draw 'Hawkman' and 'Nightwing and Flame Bird' for DC. He also joined Marvel to do 'Wolverine vs Hercules'. Other credits include 'Incredible Hulk and Wolverine', 'World's Finest', 'Superman', and 'The Unexpected'.

World's Finest, by Ken Landgraf
World's Finest #266

Landgraf was a pioneer in independent publishing in the 1970s and 1980s with his titles 'New York City Outlaws', 'Rock Comics' and 'Starfighters'. He also drew the 'Rock Warrior' comic for the heavy metal band Thor, and the biographical comic book series 'The Pink Floyd Experience' for Revolutionary Comics (1991). He additionally did art on Eerie Publications titles like Jaws of Death and Jaws of Blood. In the 1980's Landgraf storyboarded the animated adventures of 'The Galaxy Rangers', and later he worked for 'Law and Order', MTV, Lifetime. He is an illustrator for children's books and the author of several drawing books. He also produced fetish comics using the pseudonym "Dancer" under the direction of Eric Stanton.

The Pink Floyd Experience by Ken Landgraf
The Pink Floyd Experience #3

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