The Kaiapoi Kid by Jared Lane
The Kaiapoi Kid (Officer Pup Vol. 2, 2001)

Jared Lane is an illustrator, comic book and storyboard artist from New Zealand. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Canterbury, and started out drawing regular cartoons for Canta and Caclin. He was one of the founding members of Funtime Comics, a group of comic artists that included fellow students Darren Schroeder, Jason Brice and Ed Dewe.

Lane has contributed to comic anthologies like 'Strip Art Vizura', 'Pure Evil', 'Tango Vol 3' and 'Officer Pup' 1 & 2. He has produced own comics like 'Avatar' (1993), 'Hub', 'Planet of Death', 'Slated' and especially his series 'Progress'.

Officer Pup by Jared Lane

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