Warriors of Plasm by David Lapham
Warriors of Plasm #8 (March 1994)

David Lapham was born in 1970. From a very early age, he was an assiduous reader interested in the world of comics. It was his discovery of the work of Frank Miller in the 'Daredevil' series which really appealed to him and inspired him to pursue a career in comics. In the early 1990s, he decided to leave his job in advertising and started sending out samples of his work to several publishers.

Stray Bullets, by David Lapham

He was employed by Valiant (currently Acclaim), where he became one of the main artists on titles such as 'WWF Battlemania', 'Magnus Fighter Robot', 'RAI', 'HardC.O.R.P.S', 'Shadowman' and 'Harbinger'. In 1993, David Lapham worked for DC, and later, the publisher Defiant asked him to work on 'Plasm', the 'Warrior' series and the mini-series 'Schism'. In 1995, David Lapham decided to leave the mainstream and started his own publishing house, where he publishes his much-acclaimed series, 'Stray Bullets'.

comic art by David Lapham

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