Little Tuff Guy, by G. Larkman 1939

G. Larkman was a British comic artist who was mostly active in the 1920s and 1930s. He drew various short-lived humorous children's comics for a variety of publishers.

Amalgamated Press story papers
Not much is known about Larkman's life. In the second half of the 1920s he was present in several comics published by the Amalgamated Press. In 1926 he drew two comic series for two separate story papers, one being 'Freddy Freckles' (1926) for Lot-o'-Fun, the other 'Tom Pepper' (1926) for The Butterfly. In 1929 children could enjoy his 'Sonny' for Tiger Tim's Weekly. The same year he published 'Wu-Wu and his Wand' (1929) in Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue. In 1930 'Wee Jock and Doris' entertained readers of The Joker.

Target Publications
During the 1930s, he branched out to other publishers, most notably Louis Diamond's Target Publications in Bath and publications related to the newspaper The Daily Mail. His strip 'Picky Dobbs' (1933) could be enjoyed in Boys' and Girls' Daily Mail and 'PC Bee' (1933) in Target's The Dazzler. 'Bill Stickers' (1934) appeared in The Chuckler, 'Kiddies of OK Ranch' (1936) in The Holiday Comic, 'Good Turns' (1938) in The Christmas Holiday Comic, while the ultra strong boy 'Little Tuff Guy' (1939) amazed young audiences in Monster Magazine.

Ovaltiney's Concert Party
Beween 1936 and 1938 Larkman made graphic contributions to the giveaway comic magazine Ovaltiney's Own Comic, which was based on the popular radio show 'Ovaltiney's Concert Party' (1936-1939) on Radio Luxembourg. The show featured comedian Harry Hemsley played a family and their four children, while he imitated all their voices. The magazine, published by Target Publications, featured a comic strip based on the radio child characters named 'The Adventures of Elsie, Winnie and Johnny' (1936).

Target Publications was bought out by the Amalgamated Press in 1939 and their titles were discontinued.

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