Thanéros, by Eric Larnoy
Thanéros #1.

Eric Larnoy was a French illustrator and comic artist, best-known for drawing the fantasy comic series 'Thanéros' (1989-1994).

Early career
Born in 1960, Eric Larnoy began his career during the 1980s, drawing postcards and record covers. Between 1983 and 1986, he designed many fantasy-inspired covers for Nordic metal Bands on the French Black Dragon label. In 1987, he created the interactive comic album 'La Sphère du Nécromant' ("The Necromancer's Sphere") with scriptwriter Thierry Cailleteau for Éditions Delcourt. It was basically a fantasy role-playing game, where the reader determines the story's course. Later that decade, Larnoy was also one of the illustrators of 'Athanor - Masques' (Shiroz Productions, 1989), a book related to the sci-fi RPG 'Athanor'.

'La Sphère du Nécromant'.

Eric Larnoy's biggest clame to fame as a comic artist was the 'Thanéros' series, made in collaboration with the scriptwriters Denis Parent and Claude Carré. A troubled Earth couple accidentally crosses the border between the human realm and that of Thaneros, a mysterious world with its own logic and laws. While their presence disrupts the Thaneros world, mysterious creatures like the Majordomus and Scryba make them unwilling pawns in a bizarre game. Created in a semi-realistic drawing style with impressionistic and steampunk elements, the first two installments of this complex narrative were published by the publishing house Novedi. When that company went backrupt, a third volume appeared the Spotlight collection of Éditions Dupuis. Due to tensions between the authors and the new publisher, the fourth and final episode of 'Thanéros' never appeared.


Final years and death
By the mid-1990s, through Éditions Zenda co-founder Philippe Coulonges, Larnoy worked with the British scriptwriters Pat Mills and Tony Skinner on a one-shot comic aimed specifically at the French market: 'Shadowslayer' (Zenda, 1995). Eric Larnoy passed away in the following year at age 35, allegedly from liver cancer.

'Thanéros' #3. The statue in the right corner is a reference to Antoine Bourdelle's iconic sculpture 'Hercules the Archer'. 

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