Lulu et Berlu, by Laurent

Louis-Laurent Carpentier, who uses Laurent as his name in art, is the son of comic artist Louis-Michel Carpentier. Born in Brussels, he has attended several art schools, such as the St. Luc Institute, La Cambre and the Saint-Gilles Academy. He specialized in digital coloring of comics, and has worked on several famous series, such as the Cauvin productions 'Cupidon', 'l'Agent 212', 'Du Côté de Chez Poje' and 'Les Paparazzi' for Éditions Dupuis.

As an artist, he worked in advertising and he also collaborated on the 'Chansons Cochonnes' series of saucy comics, that is published by his father's publishing label Top Game in 1990. In 1994, he created his solo comic' Lulu et Berlu', a series of gags about a man and his dog, of which a book was published by Top Game. In later years, he has focused on making paintings of mainly funny animals. In 2013, he created the book 'Dans les yeux de Camille : Plus belge la vie' with Falzar for La renaissance du Livre.

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