Azrayen, by Christian Lax

Christian Lacroix, better known as Lax, studied fine arts in Saint-Etienne. He made his comic debut in the magazine L'Automobile in 1975, and began drawing short stories for magazines like Métal Hurlant, Fluide Glacial, Ère Comprimée and Circus afterwards. He began the animal series 'Hector le Castor' with text by Michel Aubrun in Mecredi and later Fripounet. His first album, 'Ennui Mortel', was published by Glénat in 1982 (also with text by Aubrun). Lax then teamed up with Patrick Cothias to make the historical series 'La Marquise des Lumières' at Vents d'Ouest from 1986 to 1989.

Le Choucas, by Lax

In 1987, Lax created his first album as an allround author, 'Des Maux pour le Dire', about his handicapped brother. Since 1990, he has created several albums in the collection Aire Libre of the publishing house Dupuis. With scriptwriter Frank Giroud, he made critical stories like 'Les Oubliés d'Annam', 'La Fille aux Ibis' and 'Azrayen', all about wars in the French colonies. On his own, he created the romantic 'Sarane' and with text by his son Bertois, he drew 'Soleil cou Coupé'. In the late 1990s, he began working on 'Le Choucas', a satirical detective series based on the French "romans noirs" of the 1950s and 1960s. A spin-off series was created in 2006, called 'Les Tribulations du Choucas'. Christian Lax is also an art teacher at the Émile Cohl school in Lyon.

comic art by Lax
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