Sainte Ludule by Janine Lay
Sainte Ludule, Patronne de Bruxelles (Ames Vaillantes, #23, 8/6/1958)

Janine Lay is best known as the artist of the comic series 'Priscille et Olivier', which she created with writer Henriette Robitaillie in Bernadette in 1957. The comic ran until 1974 and was then continued for another year as 'Les Jumelles', a spin-off that focused on two side-characters from the original comic. These stories were published in the magazines Bernadette & Nade and Lisette & Caroline.

Priscille et Olivier by Janine LayLes Jumeles by Janine Lay
book covers for 'Priscille et Olivier' and 'Les Jumeles'

Lay was furthermore present in the Fleurus magazine Ames Vaillantes in the 1950s. She illustrated several comic stories based on historic events or famous persons from the Catholic religion.

Germaine by Janine Lay
Germaine, la Bergère de Pibrac (Ames Vaillantes #16, 20/4/1958)

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