Hosni by Maximilien Le Roy

Maximilien Le Roy was born in Paris, where he also attended the School of Applied Arts for one year. He settled in Lyon, where he devoted all his time to comics and travelling. He used his trips to Palestina as an inspiration for his books 'La Boîte à Bulles' (2009) and 'Faire le Mur' (2010), while his trip to Rwanda served as an inspiration for 'Mancha Chevalier Errant', that he published under the signature Cmax with the publishing house Futuropolis in 2007.

In 2009 he also published 'Hosni', a book about the son of Tunisian immigrants in Lyon. Together with philosopher Michel Onfray, he made a biographical comic about 'Nietzsche', that was published by Lombard in 2010. A trip to Vietnam serves as an inspiration for his following project, 'Dans la Nuit la Liberté nous écoute' (Lombard, 2011).

As a scriptwriter, he wrote the comics biographies of Gauguin (with art by Christophe Gaultier for Lombard, 2013), Henry David Thoreau ('La vie sublime', with art by A. Dan for Le Lombard, 2012) and French political activist Louis Auguste Blanqui ('Ni dieu ni maître', with art by Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky for Casterman, 2013). He also scripted an historical tale set in the Spanish Civil War, that was drawn by Eddy Vaccaro for Casterman in 2013.

Nietzsche by Maximilien Le Roy


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