Horlogiom, by Fabrice Lebeault

Fabrice Lebeault was born in Albi and studied Private Law. He chose an artistic career however, and his first assignment was a promotional comic for a radio station. He subsequently made illustrations for publsihers like Ramsay and Jocatop, and worked with the SABAN animation studios. By 1993, he embarked on a career as a comic author, that started with the poetic and philosophical science fiction series 'Horlogiom'. It was published by Delcourt in five books between 1994 and 2000. Two new installments have appeared in 2011 and 2014.

In 2004 and 2006, Lebeault and writer Denis-Pierre Filippi published the diptych 'Le Croquemitaine' in the Dupuis Aire Libre collection. In both 'Horlogiom' and 'Le Croquemitaine', Lebeault creates fictional and Orwell-like societies, where the heroes resemble characters of popular 19th-century serials. In 2008 he also showcased his interest in 19th century literature with the Fantomas-tribute 'Le Mangeur d'Histoires', that was also published by Dupuis. Lebeault is additionally the author of the children's comic 'Félix', that was published by Delcourt Jeunesse in 2001.

Le Croquemitaine, by Fabrice Lebeault
Le Croquemitaine

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