Hellshock by Jae Lee

Jae Lee first broke into drawing comics in 1991 with a 'Beast' story, which was written by Scott Lobdell, in Marvel Comics Presents. Jae Lee then moved to the series 'Namor', that was being written by John Byrne, in the following year. After Byrne left, Lee moved over to Image Comics, where he drew 'Youngblood Strikefile' and the 'WildCATS' trilogy, until he launched his creator-owned solo title 'Hellshock' in 1994. 'Hellshock' is the story of Daniel, a spiritual being with mysterious origins, and Christina, a psychologist who meets him while working the psycho ward at a New York City hospital. The title first began as a four-issue mini-series from Image a couple years ago and which later continued as an on-going book until 2006.

X-Factor by Jae Lee
X-Factor #16

He returned to Marvel to draw a few issues of 'X-Factor' and a story which guest-starred Iron Fist for the 'Spider-Man' series. He teamed up with writer Paul Jenkins to produce the Eisner Award-winning series 'Inhumans' in 1998, and 'The Sentry' in 2000. He was part of the art team of Marvel's comic book series based on Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' novels from 2007, drawing the first three and the fifth mini-series, as well as the one-shot 'Sheemie's Tale'.

Since 2012 he has been additionally present at DC as the illustrator of the mini-series 'Before Watchmen: Ozymandias', that was written by Len Wein, and of 'Superman/Batman', written by Greg Pak.

WildCATS, by Jae Lee

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