Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee

Vic Lee is a Santa Barbara-based cartoonist and fine artist. He grew up as the son of actors and initially pursued a career as a professional All-American soccer player. His ambitions were cut short due to an on-field injury. He then worked as a bartender and stage actor in Seattle, before creating a series of athletic clubs in San Diego. Deciding to use cartoons as a marketing tool, he couldn't find a proper cartoonist and tried to handle the drawing pen himself.

This proved successful and Lee eventually developed a newspaper comic called 'I Need Help', that he got syndicated by King Features in 1996. This later evolved into 'Pardon My Planet', a feature in which Lee showcases his ironic view of the world and the eccentricities of the human race. As Lynden St. Victor, Lee is active as an oil painter, and he uses Domino Starbuck as pen name for his songwriting and musical performances.

Pardon my planet by Vic Lee

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