Duddley Dudd, by Walt Lee

Walt Lee was an editorial artist for the Illustrated Daily News, and he also drew comics at various times. Among his best known comic strips is 'Dudley Dudd', who he drew for the Daily News from 1923 to 1939. In 1942, he joined the L.A. Times and remained there as a cartoonist for the next 23 years.

His daughter, Dorothy Lamb, wrote to Lambiek:
"I was born Dorothy Alice Lee on August 16, 1924. At that time my Dad worked at the Illustrated Daily News in L.A., Ca. It is true he drew comics at various times, but essentially he was an editorial artist - doing brush work and taking the moles off of celebrities!!! He always had a laugh about these. Later he was promoted (see below) and he also worked about 23 years for the L.A. Times.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. published the News among other papers. There were various Managing Editors. In 1925 the ME was Fredric North Shorey. I have a note in my possession stating signed by Mr. Shorey, which states "October 28, 1925: Bulletin: On and after this date, Mr. Walt Lee will be in charge of all Art features in the Illustrated Daily News, which will include both Rotogravure, Daily and Sunday News and special illustrations." My Dad was still in this post in 1935. (I have a picture of him with some of the other artists, taken at the paper.)

Walt led a somewhat interesting life. He originated more than one comic strip (but I do not think he ever drew 'Slim Jim'). Dudley Dud was the strip which got the most attention. He was drawing this one when I was born. Another strip, called 'The Inky Ginks' didn't make it into publication but I and other family members have some originals, which we treasure. It was a very funny strip and the balloons were all in rhyme, done by a lady reporter on the News. Their collaboration led to a life-long friendship. He and my mother were married from 1923 until her death in 1971."

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