Sim en Pans door Wim Lensen
Sim en Pans (Tom Poes Weekblad, 1947)

Wim G. Lensen was one of the earliest co-workers of Marten Toonder and the Toonder Studios. He joined the studios in 1940, after having worked for the Pätz advertising agency on the Rokin in Amsterdam. He started out working for Toonder's comic productions for Diana Editions and a little later on, he did the inking of the backgrounds in the 'Tom Poes' daily strip. In the second half of the 1940s, he pencilled a couple of episodes of the new 'Panda' strip.

Sim en Pans, by Wim Lensen
Sim en Pans (Pum Pum, 1957)

For Tom Poes Weekblad, he drew his own strips 'Sim en Pans', 'De Heren Jansen en Tilanus in het Land der Troegels', as well as the puzzle section 'Professor Eureka'. When the magazine folded in 1951, 'Sim en Pans' was continued in Wereldkroniek. Furthermore, Lensen illustrated the 'Doremias Dias' postcards series.

Professor Eureka, by Wim Lensen
Professor Eureka (Tom Poes Weekblad, 1948)

Lensen's most notable contribution to the Toonder Studios was the coloring of the weekly 'Tom Poes' strip in Revue for several years. Between 1964 and 1974, he also did the coloring of Piet Wijn's 'Puk en Poppedijn' stories for De Spiegel. Tragically, Lensen's original colorings, as well as his structured design of the comics department, were lost during a fire at the castle in Nederhorst ten Berg, where the studios were located, in 1971.

Tom Poes, by Wim Lensen

One of the studio's few staff comic artists (together with Frits Godhelp and Richard Klokkers), Lensen never mentally recovered from the results of the fire. He was even hospitalized in a mental hospital after suffering from hallucinations. He eventually retired and passed away in 1993.

Jansen en Tilanus, by Wim Lensen
Jansen en Tilanus

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