Jez Jerzy, by Tomasz Lesniak

Tomasz Lesniak is a Polish comic artist of the young generation. He graduated from the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, where he lives, and made his debut in early 1990s. Together with scriptwriter Rafal Skarzycki he created one of the most popular Polish comic heroes - Jez Jerzy (George the Hedgehog). The series was originally published in two magazines: Slizg (the underground, adult version) and Swierszczyk (the children version). One of the episodes of 'Jez Jerzy' has won the Grand Prix of Comic Art Festival in Lodz in 1999. The adventures of the misbehaving hedgehog were also published in two comic albums. The third is published in October 2002.

Kfiatuszki, by Tomasz Lesniak

Tomasz Lesniak was also the editor of comic fanzine Mieso (Meat). His work appeared in all main comic magazines in Poland, such as Produkt, Arena and AQQ. He also published two other regular series: 'Tymek & Mistrz', a weekly comic for the biggest Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, and 'Kfiatuszki', a monthly comic for girls' magazine Filipinka.

Lesniak's art combines the traditional comic drawings with influences from the underground scene, which makes it very clear and entertaining at the same time. His series, especially 'Jez Jerzy', are strongly based on the Polish reality and popular culture. Often they are parodies of well-known stories, such as Jez Jerzy's adventure based on the horror movie 'The Exorcist'.

Biography by Jakub Demianczuk

Jez Jerzy, by Tomasz Lesniak
(in Polish)

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