comic art by Patrick Lesueur

Patrick Lesueur started his career as a window designer, before making his comic debut in Pilote in 1972. He illustrated current-affairs pages and together with Jean Solé, he produced the section 'En Écoutant les Images'. From scenarios by Pierre Christin, he created a series of ecological stories, collected in the album 'En Attendant le Printemps' from Dargaud in 1978, followed by the police story 'Reste-t-il du Miel pour le Thé' with writer Laurence Harlé.

Bogie, by Patrick Lesueur

In 1982, Patrick Lesueur started a collaboration with Claude-Jean Philippe on a series of biographies, featuring Charlie Chaplin ('Saint Charlot', 'Mister Charles'), Humphrey Bogart ('Bogey'), the Marx Brothers ('Une Nuit chez les Marx') and Errol Flynn ('Captain Flynn'). In the magazine Nitro, he created 'Detroit' in 1986 and in 1992, he made 'Douglas Dunkerk', with scriptwriter Jean-Paul Midant for Dargaud. A dedicated collector of antique automobiles, Patrick Lesueur contributed to 'Belles Américaines' in 1994 and illustrated 'Enzo Ferrari, l'Homme aux Voitures Rouges', from a scenario by Dominique Pascal in 1995. In 1997, he made the illustrations for 'Belles Cubaines' in the collection Les Correspondances de Pierre Christin at Dargaud.

comic art by Patrick Lesueur

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