Spoon & White, by Simon and Jean Léturgie
artwork by Simon Léturgie

Jean Léturgie is a successful French comics writer, who worked with a lot of big names in the field. He started out in the 1970s doing editorial work for some magazines. His first real comic scenario was the first episode of the 'Percevan' series, drawn by Philippe Luguy and published in Gomme. Also for Gomme, he wrote 'Cédric le Bihan', illustrated by Marie-Christine Demeure. Shortly afterwards, he met Xavier Fauche, with whom he started a long time cooperation in writing comics. They wrote a couple of episodes for Morris's 'Lucky Luke' series, and they created the spin-off 'Ran-Tan-Plan' series.

Léturgie and Fauche also adapted some of the Luke stories for the television series. Léturgie continued his work in the television field with the 'Tifous' projects, along with Yvan Delporte and André Franquin. In 1995 he worked with Conrad on 'Kid Lucky', another 'Lucky Luke' spin-off. In the following years, Léturgie founded his own publishing house (John Eigrutel Productions) and scripted stories with 'Polstar' and 'Bob Steel' for artists like Franck Isard and his son, Simon Léturgie.

With his son, he subsequently produced 'Tékila', 'Spoon & White' series (co-written by Yann, published by Dupuis and Vents d'Ouest), 'Tatsoin - Monsieur René et Mademoisselle Julie se Donnent en Spectacle' (Eigrutel), 'Polstar Bonus' (Treize Étrange), 'Vioq Micmac' (with Yann, Eigrutel) and 'Space Cake' (Vents d'Ouest). With Pearce (a pseudonym for Conrad and Yann) he wrote the western parody 'Cotton Kid', published by Vents d'Ouest from 1999.

Lucky Luke, by Morris, Fauche and LéturgieRan-Tan-Plan, by Morris, Fauche and Léturgie
artwork by Morris

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