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Hubert Levigne

Hub. Levigne

(30 September 1905 - 29 December 1989, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hubert  Levigne

Het Prentenboek van Jesus' Leven, by Hubert Levigne

Nicolaas Jozef Hubertus Levigne was born in Meerssen, in the south of The Netherlands in 1905. When he was sixteen years old, he got an office job at a ceramics factory, but soon his graphic talents was recognized and he was made assistant to the engraver, responsible for decorating ceramics. In 1924, he became a pupil of painter Henri Jonas at the Staatstekeninstituut in Maastricht. He continued his education four years later at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.

Het Prentenboek van Jesus' Leven, by Hubert Levigne

After graduating in 1933, winning a silver medal from the Prix de Rome, he returned to the south and settled in Maastricht. Besides his free work, he made designs for stamps and devotional products. he also illustrated the religious picture book 'Het Prentenboek van Jesus' Leven' (Malmberg, 1950), with texts by Thijs van de Griendt. Hubert Levigne gave a new impulse to the art of copper engraving, but he also was a master in stained glass, wood etching and tile tableaus.

In 1950, Hubert Levigne became a teacher of graphic design at the Jan van Eyckacademie in Maastricht. He retired in 1972, after which he moved to Spain, but eventually he returned to Maastricht where he died on 29 December 1989.

Het Prentenboek van Jesus' Leven, by Hubert Levigne

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