True Swamp, the memoirs of lenny the frog, by Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis, whose heritage is half Norwegian, grew up in Minnesota. At the age of seventeen, he fell ill for a few years, so he never finished school. Instead, he started making his own mini-comics, taking advantage of the burgeoning mini-comics underground of the late eighties. In 1994, his work won him (as well as his fellow artist Tom Hart) the Xeric Grant, which he used to publish the first issues of the series 'True Swamp'. This series, and the following 'Ghost Ship', featured a fantastic atmosphere, displaying Lewis' interest in Norse folklore and legends. His latest series, 'Spectacles', is more realistic. His cartooning achieves just the right amount of detail to evoke a familiar mood or setting without feeling too real or recognizable.

About True Swamp

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