Jet Ace Logan by Brian Lewis
'Jet Ace Logan'.

Brian Moncrieff Lewis was a British comic artist and science fiction illustrator. He served in the RAF during World War II and worked as a technical artist for Decca Radar until 1960. He was active in sciencefiction fandom in the early 1950s, and became an illustrator for John Carnell's SF magazine New Worlds in 1954. He was one of the main cover painters for Carnell's magazines Science Fiction Adventures, New Worlds and Science Fantasy from 1957 to 1962. His painted covers show influences from surrealist painters like Paul Klee and Max Ernst.

New Worlds cover by Brian Lewis2000 AD cover, by Brian Lewis

Lewis did his first comic book art in 1959, drawing 'Magna Carta' for Lone Star. He was a regular artist for Tiger in the early 1960s, drawing such features as 'Jet Ace Logan', 'The Suicide Six', 'Paddy Ryan', 'Memorable Moments in Sport' and 'The Destroyer from the Depths', before joining Boys' World to create features like 'John Brody' and 'Brett Million', as well as several covers. Lew was additionally present in Lion with 'Captain Condor', in Hurricane with 'The Guinea Pig' and in Eagle with 'Mann of Battle' and 'Home of the Wanderers'. He also worked on more funny features such as 'Pest of the West' and 'Georgie's Germs' in Wham!, 'Space Jinx' and 'Charlie's Choice' in Smash.

Van Helsing by Brian Lewis

Lewis left comics for a while in the second half of the 1960s, when he worked on animatied films like 'Yellow Submarine' (1968), and also with Jim Henson on 'The Muppet Show'. He returned to comics in the 1970s with TV adaptations for TV21, Countdown and TV Action, and also for many of the storybooks based on the creations of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. A skilled painter, he also drew many covers for series such as 2000AD, Starlord and Dez Skinn's House of Hammer, for which he also adaptations of horror stories. His more funnier artwork appeared in Cor!! and Buster ('Tomboy'), and in Look-In ('Les Dawson is Superflop'). He briefly drew 'Dan Dare' in 2000AD in 1978, and did his final comic strip work for the 'Van Der Valk' of that year.

Dan Dare, by Brian Lewis

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