Fatso by Clyde Lewis (1948)
Fatso (1948)

Clyde Lewis was born in Iowa. He drew for comic books as well as the daily press. For the NEA syndicate, he made the daily panel 'Hold Everything' and the Sunday newspaper strip 'Herky' (1935-1938). He then switched to King Features, where he launched 'Snickeroos', a feature shortly afterwards retitled to 'Pvt. Buck' (1941-1946).

Herky, by Clyde Lewis

Lewis continued this military cartoon panel while in the Army himself. When the war was over, the strip's main character returned to civilian life and the panel was called 'Private Life of Buck' until it was cancelled in April 1952.

Fatso, by Clyde Lewis (1948)
Fatso (1948)

Lewis furthermore created 'Fatso' (1947-1950) and the comic strip 'The Sacramentans' for the Sacramento Union in the 1970s.

The Sacramentans, by Clyde Lewis
The Sacramentans

The Sacramentans at comicstripfan.com

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