Erro, by Ruben Libgott

At a very young age, Ruben Libgott developed a passion for music and drawing. His drawings were mostly comic strips and in the summer of 2000, Ruben Libgott created 'Erro', based on a homeless man. From March 2001, the Dutch magazine Straatnieuws (Street News), published Erro monthly. Other creations by Libgott include 'Potlood Ventje' ('Pencil Man') and 'Geert & Beert'. Since August 2002, 'Geert & Beert' is published weekly in the university paper Cursor, and 'Potlood Ventje' appears in magazine ZienderOgenKunst Extra.

Geert en Beert, by Ruben Libgott
 'Geert & Beert'. Translation: "This are Geert & Beert. Geert & Beert study at the university. Come, Geert, let's pester some HBO students."
interviews by and with Ruben Libgott
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