Daniel Lieske is a German visual artist and comic author, based in Warendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to his daytime job as a designer in the computer games industry, he is the creator of the online 3D graphic novel series 'The Wormworld Saga' (2010-present).

Early life and professional career
Born in 1977 on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest, Lieske began drawing comics early on. At a teen he produced his own comic books with his father's xerox machine and sold them at the schoolyard. Since 1999 he is a designer and concept artist in the computer games industry. He has worked for Gütersloh-based companies like Ascaron Entertainment GmbH and the Gaming Minds Studios, but is active as a freelance digital artist since 2011.

The Wormworld Saga
During his professional career Lieske got the opportunity to finetune his skills as a 3D artist. In his spare time, he made a digital painting called 'The Journey Begins' (2006), about a young boy who is transported into another world through a magic painting. The work earned him online praise, and the seed for a full-blown graphic novel series based on this concept was planted. Lieske spent the next years crafting his story, about the dreamy Jonas who ends up in a magical forest, inhabited by strange creatures and plants. Not bothered by the limitations of print, the author applies a vertical narrative with large colorful panels, based on the general scrolling direction in a browser.

Lieske launched the first chapter of 'The Wormworld Saga' online on Christmas Eve of 2010. Since then, he has regularly posted new free installments in English, German, Spanish and French, to much critical acclaim and with a large online following. He finances his epic saga with crowdfunding through Patreon.com and with selling chapter bundles in HD quality at artstation.com.

Daniel Lieske in Erlangen in 2016 (Photo © Henrik Bernd).

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